7 Days: Day 3 – Sick Day

30 03 2009

7 Days: Day 3 - Sick Day

I am SO disappointed in this picture, I really wish I had it in me to be more creative, but I just don’t right now.

Three nights of 6 or less hours of sleep
+ plus one pukey kid
+ another also sick kid
+ being too tired and loopy to catch up on house or school work
= me feeling like crap emotionally.

Tomorrow is a new day. There may also be puke involved, but I think if I can just get some REST in between, I will be able to catch up on other stuff tomorrow and therefore be in a saner mindset.

In any case I did enjoy my lunch which was a microwaveable meal (Pad Thai) from Trader Joe’s. I am pretending the mess you see beyond that does not exist.




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