On Why Men Should Never Think For Themselves

27 03 2009

We have been very worried about how the older child would handle the fact that I was going to Disneyland without her. At first we both firmly agreed that she must never find out, but as time went on that plan became obviously faulty. Mainly because I have never just left the kids alone and gone somewhere for so very long – so it would be very obviously different. The Daughter is also very demanding about answers and we knew we could not get out of this one without directly lying – which was out of the question. So, a few nights ago, we decided to tell her. The next morning, I left The Husband unsupservised with the kids while it was my turn to sleep in and when I woke up he informed me he’d told her, but hadn’t told her where I was going, just that it was somewhere “special”. As he left, he gave her a reminder which I will DIRECTLY QUOTE HERE: “M, remember not to pester mom about the special place she is going, OK?”

To which she replied by pestering me and dragging it out of me before lunch.

That afternoon, The Husband called me and asked if he handled it ok. To which I replied, “THE HELL YOU DID! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

Luckily for him, the kid is handling it miraculously FINE. (Possibly because she knows I would kill her father if things didn’t go well from this point on?) We are pretty much both floored by her reaction. She and I have calmly discussed what she wants me to bring her, what I should bring her brother, what she and dad and brub will do on the weekend, and we’ve even been listening to my Disneyland Soundtrack. It is truly awesome.

All that said, I think tomorrow I might be forced upon Space Mountain for the first time ever. Say a prayer for me, OK? I may very well go catatonic.




3 responses

27 03 2009
bethany actually

Space Mountain, ho! I will say a prayer for you. 🙂 Have a BLAST!

Funny how our kids can surprise us sometimes, isn’t it?

27 03 2009

Have fun!! 🙂

28 03 2009

Have fun and enjoy Space Mountain for me! I didn’t get to ride any roller coasters last time due to being preggo and the time before that Jonas was a month old so I didn’t go either.

And so glad M took it so well!

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