Worried. Very worried.

8 03 2009

Drove by El Pollo Loco today and saw a sign in the window advertising something called “chicken carnitas”. Now, in my experience as a woman who holds the title of “Pretty Mexican for a White Girl” I know carnitas to be pork*. This leads me to believe that El Pollo Loco (ah, but they do admit right up front they are loco, eh?) has created a hybrid chicken-pig creature. Perhaps they call it the “piggken” or the “chig”. Either way, I think I will stick to the carnitas at Don Pedro’s taco shop thankyouverymuch.

*Do not correct me if I am wrong, for I do not care.




5 responses

8 03 2009

Pinches gringos. Vete a Analbertos la proxima vez, ok?

9 03 2009

Should we be worried about an invasion of chigs?

9 03 2009

Tiny little piggken.

9 03 2009

OMG Jill, you have me cracking up. So WTF is chicken carnitas anyway?

10 03 2009

Puerco poquito

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