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8 03 2009

I’ve had writer’s block this week.  Or maybe just life-block.  It seems as though not much has gone right and I am muddling through trying to count my blessings and cursing myself for being too emo and angsty (hello?  I’m 31, not 13).  Between the kids wearing me down, my own moodiness, guilt over accidentally spending too much money, and the Universe apparently testing me or something I’m just so ready to leave last week in the past where it belongs.

I have an entry floating around in my head but it’s fairly heavy shit, and I cannot seem to find the chance to give myself over to it. I am either accosted by family members, left weak with no energy for Deep Thoughts, or just not in the freaking mood. In the mean time, I cannot seem to come up with anything witty enough to post.

Today my family and I visited the Disneyland Outlet. It is not a permanent place and comes to town every so often for a few months at a time. This time around it’s located right next to a Circuit City. Or, rather, what was once a Circuit City.

closed.  no really.  they swear it.

tell your friends

Yet, as I was taking these photos, I noticed a large group of people inside whooping (I swear, it was exactly “whooping”) and yelling and laughing at me and everyone else peering in.

the iphone is here

And, yes. My iPhone is here. And, much like when my children were born, I can scarcely remember life before it arrived. I mean… What did we do, back in the day, if we were at the park and needed to watch The Killers sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? (Which was, of course, Very Important Work Stuff, you see.)

Lastly, but not leastly, a quick crafty update – partially requested by Bethany, actually. (Ha, see what I did there?)

The plate I painted on my birthday, before firing:
finished plate

And after firing:
finished birthday plate

back o' the plate

A few weeks ago, I took the BFF out to try her hand at painting. She has sworn of any sort of craftiness as long as I have known her, but I think I got her hooked even so. This is what I painted that day. Technically? It is an egg cup. But I wanted it to put my matches in after I light my candles each evening.





4 responses

8 03 2009

The plate turned out great!

Life-block… yup…

8 03 2009

Oh, I like the eggcup spent match idea! Very good idea.

You know, you don’t always have to be witty, we will love you anyway. Emo can be funny too though.

8 03 2009
bethany actually

I love the combo of that purple and that green! And the egg cup/match holder is brilliant.

I am sorry to hear the universe has been kicking you in the butt lately. I know that feeling, and I hope you are kicking right back. 🙂

Will you email me the location of the Disney outlet?!?

9 03 2009

I have heavy stuff on my mind as well, but cannot blog about it unfortunately. Too personal, as-of-yet unmentioned to person, and subject reads my blog, sigh. So things have been quiet here too and I understand.

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