Fun Stuff at the Mall

23 02 2009

The other day, my husband and I made a quick trip to the nearest mall (Wait, no, that’s not true. It’s more correct to say “We made a trip to the nearest decent mall.”). While there, we saw this:

something horrible happened to this mannequin

Something terrible has happened here. And I am not sure whose brilliant idea it was to showcase such a thing as a bissected mannequin. Sexxy, kinda. The Husband’s comment? “Man, there’s a lot of underwear in that store.” Indeed.

Slightly less strange, was this firefly catcher we saw a little later at Target. Because, San Diego? Does not have fireflies.

useless San Diego product

For even more amusement, Sonja points out that it also offers a “flashing decoy”. Because nothing says summer evening like flashing and catching imaginary fireflies. Must be the shrooms.

For more stuff that amuses me, clicky here.




6 responses

24 02 2009

hey, my boobs sit right about waist level after bf’ing 3 babes… what’s wrong with that? it looks perfectly normal to me. 😉

25 02 2009

And what if you knew someone in, say, Kansas where they do have fireflies, you could get a catcher for? lol

25 02 2009

So this is wrong. I miss fireflies from back home. This is like saying, “Oh, look at this cool thing we have that you can’t possibly use HERE, because you don’t actually HAVE anything to use it for.” Really, isn’t there enough taunting in life?

25 02 2009

I could wave some Christmas lights at you?

Corey – no logic allowed. Besides, you’d have to flash before you buy it. Those are the rules.

Ana – you have a head and arms. I’ve seen them. It’s different.

26 02 2009

How in the world did you resist standing behind the mannequin to be its arms, chest and head?

2 03 2009

huh. good point. you are so observant.

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