Fun Stuff at the Mall

23 02 2009

The other day, my husband and I made a quick trip to the nearest mall (Wait, no, that’s not true. It’s more correct to say “We made a trip to the nearest decent mall.”). While there, we saw this:

something horrible happened to this mannequin

Something terrible has happened here. And I am not sure whose brilliant idea it was to showcase such a thing as a bissected mannequin. Sexxy, kinda. The Husband’s comment? “Man, there’s a lot of underwear in that store.” Indeed.

Slightly less strange, was this firefly catcher we saw a little later at Target. Because, San Diego? Does not have fireflies.

useless San Diego product

For even more amusement, Sonja points out that it also offers a “flashing decoy”. Because nothing says summer evening like flashing and catching imaginary fireflies. Must be the shrooms.

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