iDream of iPhone

20 02 2009

Seriously. I’m such a geek. And probably not in a good way.

My contract is elligible for renewal in eight and a half days and I am planning to splurge on the iPhone. Because I need it for work. Because I can write it off. Not because of all the fun apps, or the way you can slide things around with a brush of your finger. Not because I can text using qwerty form instead of the stupid number pad. Not because I can obsessively check my email at stop lights (there is no law against checking e-mail while driving. yet). No, my reasons are purely for work – if I can get some of my work done in the little minutes of the day when the kids are occupied by various things like playgrounds or naps in the car, then I can have more time for them later. So, you see, I am a saint, actually. To make this sacrifice for my children and for my work.

In the mean time I have to WAIT eight and a half days. You would think that if I went in and grovelled they would let me change early. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I may try that this weekend. Also, I have a cold so maybe if I threaten to sneeze on them, they will give in.

I was not speaking metaphorically when I titled this entry. I literally spend my nights playing with working on the iPhone. It’s sick, really. And the only cure is iPhone, ASAP.




3 responses

20 02 2009

The iPhone is so pretty, but I’m afraid that if I have one I’ll never switch off from the internet. I wouldn’t be able to update my website from it, so it wouldn’t help me, I’d just be anxious because I knew that there was something that needed doing. Because I’m more high-strung and mad than you might think.

20 02 2009

iLike you.

21 02 2009

You’re too funny. LOL

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