15 02 2009

Living in San Diego – particularly the area I live in – I generally do buy cold or wet weather clothes for my kids because it is hardly worth the money to wear them the once or twice it rains each year. However, last Monday when the kids both came home with wet feet, I realized this makes me a Bad Mommy so we’ve been on a mission ever since.

Did you know that they don’t make galoshes for middle-sized kids? Or perhaps they do not bother selling them in San Diego since most of us are Bad Mommies. Either way, while it was easy to find some for the toddler-sized kid, we had to HUNT for a pair to fit the older child.

And did you know that mall store employees do not know what “galoshes” are? The conversations, inevitably, went something like this:

Me: Excuse me, but do you have any galoshes here?
Mall Store Employee: Um. What?
Me: Galoshes? Do you have galoshes?
MSE: Um. Can you tell me what those are?
Me: ……. *blinks* ……. You, um, don’t know what galoshes are?

What? Am I speaking 1940’s here?

In the end, the term “water boots” seemed to do the trick and we were even able to come home with a pair that (barely) fit her. Which, of course, means that it will not rain anymore until next year when she no longer fits the shoes. Naturally.

While we are on the subject, is the word “galoshes” starting to sound weird to anyone but me?


Ode To Trader Joe’s

15 02 2009