2 02 2009

Today we gathered with some friends to celebrate the Goddess Brigid’s holiday, Imbolc. It’s a time of year when we take note that Spring is on its way back (um not so hard when it’s been 80 degrees more often than not this “Winter”), we remember that Mother Earth is pregnant with Life and we bless the Earth and give it a gentle call to wake up after a long Winter. It is, of course, the source of the Groundhog myth.

spring is coming!

We set up our altar with Brigid’s Crosses I made (one for each family, there were only three families this time around due to an actual birth last week!), candles, wool to symbolize sheep, milk and oats to offer to the Earth, sage to represent our babymooning friend, and my beloved table chime.

imbolc altar

altar by lensbaby
(Lensbaby version of the altar.)

We listened to a story, learned a bit about Imbolc, made an offering, and ate together of sheep’s cheese, “snowball” donuts, and bagels.


The kids ran off to play and discovered a little creek (or maybe just a glorified mud puddle?) where they tossed sticks and rocks and got all mossy and muddy.

mossy by the banks

It was one of those days you go home feeling light and full of happiness. Blessed.




4 responses

2 02 2009

It’s so strange reading about you waking spring as snow is falling outside my window.

2 02 2009

Happy birthday!

2 02 2009

beautiful celebration 🙂

2 02 2009

What is this “snow” business that Sarah speaks of?

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