Um. Thank you?

1 02 2009

the whole street?

My bank (different one than the one which has been so frustrating as of late) often sends me birthday cards (well, probably not just me. I’m not so self-absorbed I think my bank revolves around me), usually the bottom has the signatures of the tellers or maybe the managers or maybe just some random clients who walked in on Birthday Card Day. But this years card is a little, um, confusing. Apparently, it’s signed by the actual street. I think I feel really special.

Another possibility, of course, is that in these difficult economic times, the bank has been forced to go into business with adult bookstores. F Street Bookstore (which actually looks much shadier than their website) may or may not be a San Diego institution. I’m too scared to click the link and go inside to find out and my adult bookstore shopping experiences have not been exactly worldly.

And so the mystery remains: Who, precisely, is wishing me a happy birthday? I am more than half-tempted to go to the bank tomorrow to ask. Who dares me?




3 responses

2 02 2009

You’d have thought that the street could have at least busted out the cursive for such an auspicious occasion.

2 02 2009

This is hilarious.

I actually used to work for an attoryney’s office where my job was to send and sign the clients’ birthday cards. This person has either an incredible sense of humor, or is a robot.

2 02 2009

I double dare you. lol @ Sarah

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