A. Bitch Coulter

29 01 2009

I recently saw Ann Coulter on some show trying to defend her habit of referring to President Obama as B. Hussein Obama. She claims it’s not racist at all. This is because she is a dumb bitch. Honestly, I have no problem with his name. It’s got a great meaning and he’s a great person. I used to work with a man named Adolf (and believe me, people did have a problem with his name) and he was one of the nicest men at the company (and he had the CUTEST twin babies. OMG I wanted to EAT them. Which does not make me evil in case you were wondering). A name is just a name. Barack Obama has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. Adolf Father of Cute Twins has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler. I’m not going to bother explaining why Ann Coulter’s insistence in calling him by his middle name is racist because chances are, if you read this blog you already agree with me. (Also my kids have been screaming at me for 48 hours straight – yes even at night – and my brain is just a teensy bit fried.)

I count my self sheltered lucky in that this was my first real experience with Ann Coulter. But it enflamed so much hatred in me towards her that I wasn’t even sure I could get though someone else’s blog entry about her. It turns out I was wrong. This is one of my favorite new blogs – the women are freaking awesome. Helen is currently reading and reviewing Coulter’s new book chapter by chapter, it’s brilliant.




6 responses

29 01 2009

OHHH, thank you for finding those women.
ESp. like “kiss my 83 year old ass”
I hope I am half as spunky when I am half that old.

29 01 2009

Ann needs her jaw wired shut again. That was the best Coulter news I had ever heard.

29 01 2009
trish in SW FL

Yes, wire it’s jaws shut PERMANENTLY.

and wire Rush Limpballs’ jaws shut too!

30 01 2009

Margaret & Helen – awesome blog!
Anne Coulter – makes me so glad I live in Canada!

30 01 2009

Actually, come to think of it, we have our fair share our dumb-asses up here (our Prime Minister, for one!) they just don’t seem to be as out-spoken or get as much coverage as in the U.S.

1 02 2009

I can think of few things which make me angrier than the TV networks and book publishers who give that horrid excuse for a woman a platform from which to speak. Bleh. Really, why does she EVER have a microphone in her face? Ever???

I told my husband earlier today that she and Rush Limbaugh should be forced to spend eternity together naked in a cramped closet. They deserve each other.

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