Catching Up

28 01 2009

It’s been a full week since I posted! Did you notice? Anyway, in list form here is what I am been up to:

~Playing musical TV’s.
~Hunting down a new-to-us TV we could keep forever.
~Watching Lost! *happy dance*
~Knitting like mad.
~Keeping up with work.
~Driving the kids all over town for various edumacational commitments.
~Knitting like mad.
~Taking 408 pictures in one day (about 50 made the cut).
~Fighting with the bank.
~Catching up on bills.
~Getting my teeth cleaned (and paying another frakking $77 for it – no one bothered telling me that ahead of time!)
~Working on the RE committee at church.
~Knitting like mad.
~Catching puke in a bucket.
~Watching Big Love (for some reason we have all the fancy channels again. Woohoo!)
~Shopping on Etsy.
~Peeking at my wishlist.
~Getting a new driver’s license, including a new photo (and here you wish me luck that it’s better than the crap I’ve suffered with for the last four years).
~Purging all the extra crap in our house (again) in preperation for Imbolc.
~Planning an Imbolc ceremony.
~Daydreaming of day care – just for a little while each week. Please?
~Knitting like mad.
~Writing a book.
~Trying to stay on top of Life in General.

So. Am I excused?




One response

29 01 2009

I think you should have knitted more.

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