Recovered… Mostly.

13 01 2009

filming the documentary

It only took me a week to find the energy (and time) to write about last Wednesday, but it really was a lovely day. I’m not sure how much I am allowed to say (I’m not even sure I can show you this picture* of Lorien speaking towards the end of the day) but I will say it was really beautiful. All these women, who I feel had a pretty diverse set of issues or lack thereof, gathered together – none of us really wanting to, but all of us willing to bare our bellies, our souls, on international television. It was emotional to say the least. I never know 100% if I should trust the media not to turn things around on me, but I feel like the women in charge of this are honest and are out to help womenkind. It was (will be?) hosted by Louise Redknapp, who I had never heard of, but she seemed really pretty nice, and I felt like she could identify with the issue being only eight weeks postpartum herself. So far the plan is to air it in March in the UK and they do hope to sell it to the US but there is no news as to if or when that may happen. I will grudgingly tell you if they do, but only if you promise to say lovely things about how hot I look. And, Sarah, you have to say nice things no matter what. (By the way, I had a strange dream about you the other night… Can’t remember it now, dammit.)

*This photo, by the way, is after we were all given the OK to get back into real clothes. There was pretty much just a cloud of dust behind me as I ran into the house to get dressed. Lorien, on the other hand, shouted, “Panties!” gleefully. I concur.




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14 01 2009

I promise I shall be rolling around with glee at the sight of your hotness.
I don’t know much about Louise’s career nowadays, but she’s a good egg. She was in a girl band called Eternal in my early teens and then went off to pursue a solo career. I’ve just been reliving the mid-90s via iTunes samples.

I hope I was looking hot in your dream.

14 01 2009

You and the other ladies who did this are awesome. I really can’t wait to hear how the final edit turns out and what is truly gleaned from the filmed conversations. I wish I had been able to attend, but I suspect it would have been difficult and uncomfortable for me as well…however sometimes those are the types of situations that really affect your soul, too…the ones which are difficult/uncomfortable.

And thank you for the shout-out, too 🙂

15 01 2009

It sounds awesome. I hope I get to see it someday 🙂

21 01 2009
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23 03 2009
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