Holiday Craftiness

1 01 2009

Now that I have given the last of my gifts, I can share the photos of the things I made this year for gifts.  My swap partner on my AP board hasn’t shared the pics of what she’s gotten so I hope it’s OK to put these here, but she has seen the stuff and told me she loves it all. *beams*

Dar was fun to shop for since she had come to visit us last year so I was shopping for someone I had actually met in person – and M remembers Chloe well and adores her so that was fun, too.

I decided to make Dar’s gift about her favorite tea. I ordered two bags of it for her from her favorite tea place, and I painted some mugs and knitted some coasters to go with it.

sun cup

moon cup

gift o' tea

coaster set

For Chloe, we made some recycled crayons.

recycling crayons


recycled crayons

I have a hard time shopping for Melissa. She’s very easily pleased, but she’s such a caring person that I always want to give her gifts that reflect how special she is. And that’s not easy – especially when I’m not great at gift shopping. But this year, another friend of mine inspired me with a gift she gave to her husband from Etsy – a photo of their wedding date written in the sand on the beach. Mel just moved in with her boyfriend this year so I thought that sounded like a perfect gift for them.


I didn’t take a photo of it framed but I gave it to them in this really cool frame (which, I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s clear glass around the photo, instead of traditionally matted). I think they really liked it as well.

Perhaps I can get my schtuff together and start crafting gifts earlier in the year so more people can get homemade gifts next holiday season? HAH. Well, we’ll see.




7 responses

1 01 2009

Excellent gift choices! Love the crayons a lot. Coveting the homemadeness of it all. Yes, do get around to doing more of that!

2 01 2009

I need to pay more attention to whose blog I’m reading. That way I won’t have to wonder why people’s names have changed.

Love the beach photo.

2 01 2009

Love it! Great job!

2 01 2009

I want to make recycled crayons now. BADLY. Is is cheating if I buy a bunch of boxes of crayons and melt them?
Do you prep the muffin tins with anything before you melt the crayon bits? Are those your “good” muffin tins, or are they designated crayon-melting tins? How hot do you make the oven for crayon-melting? How about you post a tutorial for me? 😀

2 01 2009

Huh. I don’t really remember the answers to your questions. LOL Let me try to think…

The muffin tins are old thrift store ones bought specifically for this. No, I did not treat them with anything. I thought slimy crayons were not going to be as fun as ones you could, you know, hold on to.

I imagine I put them in the oven at a very low setting, but I can’t remember 100% now. I checked on them often and pulled them out the second they were all liquid. I tried not to move them too much because I wanted the variant colors to show up in each crayon, you know? I was worried they’d all mixed into one color, but once they cooled, they looked perfect.

I took a knife and very carefully loosened them around the edges (you can see the knife marks in the close up – I think if I had had any patience and waited until they were fully cool, they would have come out smoother). Once they were loose, they fell out easily.

There were one or two that didn’t fully melt so once the others were cooled and out of the tray, I put those back in until they were done.

There was one, I think, that broke when I removed it – it too went back into the oven just long enough to fix itself.

Hey – I remembered pretty darn good!

3 01 2009

ahhh, thanks. Inquiring minds etc. etc…

4 01 2009

Wow. Awesome. I love those mugs, the colors were all my colors and perfect, with sun and sea, my favorite things besides Zebras, and ….you’re just so totally awesome. How lucky am I to know you? Thank you for picking me out of crowd to be your friend.

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