31 12 2008

So I gave in and finished the series. (And by “finished” I mean “currently reading the last book”.) I just can’t not finish a story, and this story doesn’t end with the first book. I also just can’t not be a big copy cat and everyone and their moms are reading the books; therefore I shall, too. (Don’t pick apart my grammar there, I never got out of GrammarLand jail when I was in Mrs. Terry’s 11th grade English class.) (Also Mrs. Terry was kind of nuts.)

Wait, we’re supposed to be talking about vampires.

Before I even began reading the books, I asked my friend Summer about them. Not only is she my book pimp, but she happens to be a middle school English teacher (one who, I am sure, will never take her kids on a vacay to “GrammarLand”). She said her kids forced the first one upon her and she can see why they like it, but she’s over it and has zero desire to continue.

And then she scoffed at me when she found I was reading the rest of them.

Anyhow the point of all that being that I pretty much agree with her except for the part about how I need to see how it ends.

That said, I’m glad I read the rest. They are better than the first. Not the writing – the writing pretty much still sucks (har, har), but the stories are interesting and much more complex than I would have imagined from the first book. (They are also far more full of holes than I would have imagined from the first book, but who’s counting?)

Also, I adore Jacob and you just don’t get to really know him in Twilight.

In the end it is The End which will make or break the series. The End is what I have been reading for and if it’s as awful as I hear it is, then the entire series will crumble from a lack of foundation.

The Husband and I went to see the movie on Monday afternoon and we both loved it. But not for the reasons that probably we were supposed to love it. You know those annoying people in the theaters who talk shit the whole way through and you kind of want to punch them a little? That would be me! (But I am cute so it’s OK.) You should have heard Melissa and I when we went to see Air Force One so many years ago. I think we nearly got kicked out. Anyhow, Twilight did not diasppoint. If you’d like to save yourself the $10 just read this. There are no real spoilers involved except maybe the bit about Vampire Baseball, but I just spoiled that for you, anyway. And if you don’t want to see the movie, read that link anyway. Just don’t pee your pants.




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9 08 2009

Hey there – I accidentally stumbled on your blog from a craft blog I was looking at. I am a fan of Twilight too, but was so disappointed in the last book that I gave up after Isle Esme. I think the best book is the first one and officially am a fan of the Twilight Trilogy (not the Twilight Saga). Thanks for cluing me in on the fact I am a book pimp (like your friend)…I didn’t know that is what “they” call someone in a group of friends who is the first to read something and convince all the others to read it too. rotfl.

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