Catching Up – 7 Days

28 12 2008

Between Christmas (what is it about families wanting to be TOGETHER on holidays? Don’t they know I have internet priorities??), being worn out from Christmas, and then after Christmas shopping and being worn out from that and then suddenly getting sick again for no good reason I haven’t gotten around to blogging my 7 Days photos, let alone my Christmas ones. But we’ll take it one post at a time, no?

Day 5 (Can you find me?)
Day 5

Can you find me? I am there twice. I may have cheated a bit, but I’m going with it anyway.

This is where we keep our photos and seasonal decorations (not to be confused with our altar).

This is also where we keep our record player.

The lighting is terrible, sorry about that. I’m not sure how to fix it. Not skilled enough in photography or photoshop or both.

And, because I had forgotten the theme for today until very late, here is a picture I like better.

7 Days Alternate

Day 6
Day 6

I’m a day late. Yesterday was pretty busy with family responsibilities (where are my priorities, really?) and then my sick little boy decided he was not sleeping unless I was under him so I was confined to the bed.

Anyhow, here we are enjoying our biggest gift: a Wii. It’s SO much fun. I am ashamed to admit I am suffering a little today in the muscles I used bowling and playing tennis. Ah well, time to get fit!

Day 7
Day 7

I wanted to end the week on a simple note. It’s nothing terribly creative, but it’s meaningful to me. Last time around, I had just fallen into a depression (again) which had me worried over how I’d feel at the holidays. Happily, I feel happy. I pretty darn good these days (thank you, Zoloft!) and have enjoyed the holidays more even than recent years. So here is a smile to represent that.

And, where this photo may just be simple, here is another which I find more interesting.




One response

28 12 2008

You are so pretty 🙂 And I wish we could get E and Jayce together to play bowling! 🙂

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