The Master Plan

15 12 2008

This entry could alternately be titled, “Whiiiiiine”.

I have a cold. At first I thought it wasn’t so bad – after all I’ve had colds which keep me hacking up yellow stuff for three weeks before. But then when I took a four hour nap yesterday and spent the evening on the couch I slowly became aware that maybe it is a bad one after all. (Hack, hack.) And so I canceled all my weekend plans (including our annual butter-making ritual and it’s not Christmas until we make butter) in favor of laying on the couch and whining a lot.

But did I get to cancel all my errands? NO. You see it’s December which means I still have to go out and shop and wrap and package and mail. I walked around the mall in a dripping, moaning fog – this would have been the perfect opportunity to scam me as I surely would have fallen for it. (Come to think of it, maybe I was scammed, who knows?)

I think this is the master plan of all cold germs. Why else would they come out in full force in December when so many people cannot drop out of society and keep their germs to themselves? Clearly, the common cold virus is pretty damn intelligent to have come up with such a plan – the better to infect the world with.

I can’t think of a brilliant way to end this so I will leave you with some pictures of a certain little boy who got his hair cut! I think it makes his eyes look bigger.

does he look older now?
(Excuse the washed-out photo, he doesn’t understand that he has to take a step back)

from the back

I would go back to bed now, but it’s not like I can sleep anyway between the snotty nose, the incessant sneezing and the fear of hacking up yellow stuff. *sigh* Someone come tuck me in?




2 responses

15 12 2008

E’s eyes are beautiful! They remind me of Noahs…I just got a good close up of them yesterday and posted it 🙂

17 12 2008

Aahh. The first “boy cut” right around 3. So cute. I remember Dylans. sniff. Now he has to shave or gets a near goatee. And he isn’t even 15 yet. 😦

Anywho, please send me your address again. I know I ask every year but you know…. my brain is nothing more than pudding anymore. At least it’s chocolate.

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