From my son’s point of view.

12 12 2008

The little one, he loves letters and numbers. He points them out wherever we go. Including when we pass churches. You know that letter “t” that sits atop the spire? I’ve tried explaining to him that it’s a cross, but he’s having none of that nonsense. Clearly, it’s a “t”.

Yesterday we made a stop at the store within the Waldorf school – I needed some beeswax to make candles and some roving to make felted delights. The kids and I poked around a bit and while M tried out a play horse, E picked up a wooden sword. “What’s that?” I asked him. He grinned and replied, “A lower-case ‘t’!”




One response

12 12 2008

Cute! Not “little t” but “lower-case”… very cute.

Willon is reading his letters now, too, in technicolor. LOL “Green O!”, “Blue R!”

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