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9 12 2008

So I gave in and read the book and, honestly, I don’t see all the fuss. It’s not completely awesome. I do feel committed and want to give the rest of the series a try, but I can wait until my number comes up at the library.

One question, though. And I don’t think I’m going to get into spoilers too bad here, but feel free to skip this post if you feel safer that way.

So, if one little drop of blood can send these normally-non-cannibal vampires over the edge, how is it they can live among society? Does no one at school ever fall down and skin their knees? And what’s more is that there is bound to be more than several women in town and at school who happen to be bleeding at any given moment, no? Because, to answer a question my high school boyfriend baffled over, “Yes, that happens at school around you.”

How about you? Have you read the books yet? What did you think about them? And can you answer my question?




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9 12 2008

I am so glad you aren’t over the moon for it. LOL It sounds bad but I just don’t have time for another series craze to take over my life. (I’m still in Harry Potter recovery.) So the fact that you didn’t love it, and the fact that I’m not real big on vampires, makes me feel so much better about not getting into this.

9 12 2008

Yeah, I read all of them and I feel kinda blah about them. They’re horribly written and if you think the logic has gaping holes in it after the first one, just wait…it gets so absurd, really, that you almost hope that at the end there’s an “april fool’s, gotcha!” But trust me there isn’t. And then there’s all the LDS subtext, which is pretty fun too.

9 12 2008

Wow! LDS subtext? In Twilight or the ones that follow? Interesting!

9 12 2008

bonnie, you’ve made me feel so normal…i just keep wondering what does edward do when bella’s on her period? and then i thought maybe i was a freak for wondering…i dunno. so either we’re both normal or both freaks, either way it’s much more tolerable with good company. 🙂

9 12 2008

I didn’t love it either, it was WAY melodramatic for me. Maybe it was because I had the audio, but I really didn’t need to hear how beautiful Edward was over and over and over. Yeah, I’ll probably do the rest, but only because they are at the digital library, which as a general rule has pretty slim pickings.

12 12 2008

Easy answer. They hold their breath.

I am not ga-ga over this series but it has made me think about what it was like being a teen, those things I swore I’d never forget but have forgotten nonetheless.

And, yeah, I couldn’t put my finger on it but “LDS subtext” about sums it up.

12 12 2008

Excuse me. More accurately, they simply don’t breathe.

12 12 2008

And you know what? I think there is way too much emphasis on physical beauty, more and more so as the series evolves.

Also, no one murmurs that much, especially not teens. *snort

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