Starlight Yule Parade

7 12 2008

It’s now called, simply, The Starlight Parade, but I like the sound of the original name. Plus, I celebrate Yule.

Before I get onto the good photos, I would first like to share with you a little example of how Awesomely Ghetto my town is. You know how you have those relatives who are kinda crazy but you love them for it? That is exactly how I feel about my town. Each year, there is a new bizarre parade participant (and each year, I am surprised. why is that?) and this year did not disappoint. I present to you, the winner of 2008’s Awesomely Ghetto Award: Mailman Pushing Mailbox! *applause*

ghetto as hell

And now, the rest of them. I am quite pleased with how they came out.

Waiting for the parade to begin.
waiting for the parade to begin.

A street vendor walked by with his cart full of flashy, light-up things.
street vendor

I think this might be a marching band. Oh how I love marching bands.
a marching band?

angels in waiting

Bus in motion.
bus in motion

This is the only parade I have ever been to and, apparently, it is notorious for being very “small towny” in that each and every organization and business has a place in the two-hour long parade. I assumed all parades were like this one. What are the parades near you like?




One response

7 12 2008

Very cool. There was a similar parade of lights in town yesterday, but we only found out when we were already there shopping and I didn’t have my camera with me and my feet didn’t feel like being stood on any longer. So that didn’t work out so well!

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