Holiday Portraits

7 12 2008

On a whim this morning I decided to haul the kids, dressed in their Yuletide best, out to the park to run around in the cold* air while I snapped hundreds of shots in the hopes of saving us a trip to Penney’s this year. And, I think, we succeeded.

The kids are both sick (which seems to be a permanent state of things around here) but with the help of some tissue and a heaping of youthful energy I think you can’t even tell. Except maybe in one picture, but I will let you guess which one.

family portrait

me & the man


hiding behind the deer

she gives him a lift

i love them

two gorgeous kids

sad, so sad

*That would be in the 50’s for anyone counting.




7 responses

8 12 2008

OMG I *love* that one of them on the rocks (7th photo down). It’s just too cute. And the last one is priceless of course. You wouldn’t get photos like that at Penney’s.

8 12 2008

Ha! How weird! We just took a slew of family portraits in the ornaments on the tree in the Organ Pavilion at BP yesterday morning. I felt like I had a cool colorful fish-eye lens. I want to go back and do more!

Way better than anything you could get out of a sitting at Penney’s, that’s for sure.

8 12 2008

Those ROCK!

8 12 2008

Treasures, all of them.

I just got one of mine that’s a keeper. Too bad they weren’t dressed up!

8 12 2008

You are awesome 🙂 Jaina loved the pictures, by the way, but wants to know why Elliot is so sad in the last one.

8 12 2008

Fabulous Photos!!!!

9 12 2008

You are such a terrific photographer! I love the one…well I love all of them 🙂

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