A Magical Moment

5 12 2008

bees in my tree

As naptime drew near today, I went to close up the bedrooms; to make them dark and quiet. When I neared the door to the back yard, I noticed that our tree was buzzing full of bees. We have lived here for more than three years now and I do not believe the tree has ever produced these hanging sprigs of flowers before, but the bees? Oh how they love them.

As I gazed outside, I was realized what I was witnessing was nothing short of magic. I love bees. Admittedly, I love the concept of bees more than I love them when they are near me, but I do love them. I love how important they are to us, how they make flowers bloom and help to give us plentiful harvests. I think they are beautiful, intelligent and marvelous.

I called The Daughter to come see and she commented, “I feel so calm.” And that was exactly it. It was a calm moment.

Thank you, bees. I prefer you far more than the widows.




6 responses

5 12 2008

I appreciate your sentiment. But ew those plants look like alveoli.

5 12 2008

My friend Alex, who used to work with bees says that when the whole hive is buzzing around you, it’s like entering a zen state. You have to be calm and move slowly and just chill when working with them. She’s says it was one of her favorite things. Ever.

6 12 2008

okay, I see your point and I appreciate your sentiment… but bees seriously freak me out and give me the opposite feeling of zen! Glad you and M shared a moment though, and I do like them better than widows!

6 12 2008

Nice tiny moment. ♥ LOL @ alveoli!

6 12 2008

I love watching bees in the summertime. What sort of tree is that? It’s very cool.

7 12 2008

I don’t know what kind it is, Amy, but it’s not cool. It’s annoying as Hell, actually. Each Spring it drops all these seeds all over which come in sharp, painful, hard-as-a-rock seed pods which are IMPOSSIBLE to rake up. And the seeds themselves have a thin orange coat which likes to stain carpets if I let it. These flowers are kind of pretty, but they don’t seem to match the tree at all and I wonder if they are just some pretty sort of tree parasite. Possibly of alien origins.

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