27 11 2008

Day 27

I recently finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, the second novel by the author of The Kite Runner (I have not read The Kite Runner yet if that matters). It was riveting. Horrible and beautiful all at once. One of the things I like about photography is how you can make something awful into something beautiful enough to call art. That is exactly what this book is.

The Universe is speaking a message to me with the timing of this book finally falling into my lap. I just finished it this week – Thanksgiving week. And it reminded me of so much that I take for granted: running water, enough food, my children, my marriage free of beatings, my freedom, my life. The book is more than that, of course, I came away with a new understand of Afghani culture and a little history and found it rich and, well, splendid. But for the purpose of this particular blog entry, I have been focusing on the hard parts all week. I have been reminding myself of how very rich I am, confidant that I will never take all these things for granted again.

HA. Well, the Universe decided to give me a pop quiz today.

Purely for selfish reasons, Thanksgiving is very important to me. It is my very favorte meal EVER and I pride myself on making everything from scratch (except this year) right down to the cornbread for the croutons for the stuffing. I use wholesome ingredients and am trying to perfect my Thanksgiving recipes so that someday my kids will remember me for them and cry when I am dead. Well, and also because I enjoy cooking it, it’s not all for revenge.

So today I got ready to get cookin’. I pulled my giant turkey out of the freezer and opened the package and…. UGH. It had gone bad! It was too late to go hunt down another fresh turkey.

And I cried. And I pouted. And I cursed Trader Joe’s.

And then I felt guilty, thinking of all that I had been trying to focus on this week. After all, I still had so much food and there are people within my own city who have much less than I do.

So, turkey or no turkey, I enjoyed preparing and eating the side dishes, and I counted my blessings.

This year, for the first time, I will be purchasing some animals for the Heifer Organization. It’s not much, but it’s something I can put out there into the universe.

What are you thankful for?




3 responses

28 11 2008

What a bummer about the turkey – I’m glad you were still able to get joy from the other dishes. At least you didn’t have to eat one of the kids.

28 11 2008

Yes, well, we were considering it for awhile.

28 11 2008

I was afraid that would happen to me as well, since I defrosted a little early this year (complicated story involving multiple turkeys). We got lucky and it was OK. But seriously, you need any left over turkey stuff, come on over!

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