30 More Tiny Moments: Day 26

26 11 2008

Day 26

These are only half of the books I pulled out of M’s room today. She takes a pile in with her each night and they don’t always get cleaned out right away. I’m not sure how many nights this represents, maybe 2 weeks?

She is sick today, poor babe. This seems to be a slow-moving cold. The husband got it over a week ago, E came down with it on Friday, and M has been flirting with it for awhile now, but it’s only become official today.

We spent some time playing, she and I, this morning. Reenacting Charlotte’s Web (the cartoon, and sometimes the book) with Littlest Petshop animals. When the story was over, her brother ran in with a book and I read it to them, with my big girl curled up on my lap, head resting against my chest like so many nights so long ago. The book was short, but by the end of it, I looked down at M and saw a large puddle of drool – she had fallen asleep! I don’t remember the last time she slept on me. I wish I could have kept her there longer. I would have sat for hours cuddled with my first baby. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of my day. Well, except for the part about the drool.




One response

26 11 2008

Don’t I know about the drool factor of cuddles these days! 🙂

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