30 More Tiny Moments: Day 22

22 11 2008

Day 22

A clementine and sugar cane. Now, if only I knew what the heck to do with sugar cane.



6 responses

22 11 2008

I love your tiny moments! Your pictures make me happy.

22 11 2008

Cut off the dried out end and chew on the fresh bit, super tasty.

23 11 2008

You see, I was going to say chew on it. But only while looking to be obnoxious. Though I suppose it’s possible that was Lorien’s aim too. You know what she’s like.

23 11 2008

I had sugar cane growing at my last house and the memories I am left with are…A.N.T.S.

This is a gorgeous photo of two very simple objects. You have a great eye.

24 11 2008

Erm. Maybe you could google how to make sugar? Remember that Sesame Street thing, the “Sugar Beet” song, where the big machine harvested the sugar beets and stuff? Not exactly the same thing, I know, but this reminded me of it.

24 11 2008

We always noshed on the ends when we were kids. Good times.

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