30 Tiny Moments: Weekend

16 11 2008

Day 15

Tonight I asked my son what kind of sandwich he wanted and he gave me a big, impish grin and announced, "NO!" So, being the cute smartass I am, that is exactly what I gave him. I expected him to love it, but he was really quite upset at first. Turning it upside down, I offered him an "ON" sandwich instead and he brightened a bit and asked for an "OFF" sandwich. No way, dude. One fancy sandwich a day, thankyouverymuch.

Day 16

The kids watched Kung Fu Panda today and then the girl and I took a peek at the special features which included a sushi lesson and a noodle-making demonstration. Long story short: Noodles for dinner.




3 responses

17 11 2008

You are such a cute smartass.

17 11 2008

My kids are so spoiled that they won’t eat ANY sandwich unless its “fancy” For jaina, we use cookie cutters for cute shapes like trees and hearts. For Jayce, he has to have “Tubby Toast” which means his bread has to be cut in a circle with eye holes and a mouth. What we do for our kids! 🙂

17 11 2008

I want you to be my mommy, Bonnie.

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