30 More Tiny Moments: Day 13

14 11 2008

Day 13

I took my camera with me to acupuncture last night in case I caught a tiny moment while there. My acupuncturist saw the camera and – luckily she reads my blog so I don’t have to explain my weirdo self to her – was disappointed we’d already taken my foot needles out. After spending the rest of the visit singing "Tiny Moments" to the tune of "Tiny Bubbles" she sent me off with good luck in finding a tiny moment for the day. When I came home, this is what I discovered and I knew I’d found the best tiny moment ever.

Now, admit it. You’re singing it, too.

I did not upload this last night because no matter how many needles she shoved into my feet, my headache did not go completely away.




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