Planner, Transformed

4 11 2008

In order to distract myself from fretting about the election this afternoon, I’m going to blog a belated craft I did.  While at Borders one day, I decided to pick up a new planner.  This is the one I had last year and I liked it well enough, but when I happened to poke through this one, I knew it was made just for my brain.  The outside, however?  Atrocious! At first I was torn between beauty and practicality and then it occurred to me that I could just re-do the cover of the ugly one to suit my wishes. Yay!

First I sanded the cover slightly. It was so slick, I knew nothing would stick to it – sanding it provided just enough texture to let the glue stick.


I painted the insides with gold in several layers. I tore up pieces of purple tissue paper and brushed a mixture of glue and water (half and half) over them to secure them in place. At this point, my sweetly supportive husband informed me I had chosen pimp colors. In reality I was going for royalty.

pimp colors

I then chose images. My favorites were stickers from this website. I tore out some sheet music from unwanted guitar magazines, glued it on, and glued the images on top. I used this to roll them on flat so there were no air bubbles.

To finish and protect, I had them laminated at the local educational supply store. I then used an exacto knife to cut out the holes again, I slid it back on the metal binding and – voila! – my planner was done!

front of planner

back of planner




2 responses

5 11 2008


5 11 2008

That’s the craftiest I think I’ve ever seen you be. It turned out fantastic! Do mine!

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