Photo-Time Catch-Up!

2 11 2008

all five of us

Last weekend we spent running around town with my dad who had come to visit for two and a half days. We spent a lot of time in Old Town, made another visit to Julian, and just enjoyed the company. My son did not remember his grandpa so it took nearly the whole weekend to warm up to him, but by the time it was time to say goodbye, E was asking to go with Grandpa.

two costumed kiddos

We spent the rest of the week preparing madly for Halloween and our Samhain celebration. Baking pan de muerto, shopping for costumes, carving pumpkins, remembering our loved ones. I did not truly get to rest until last night. We had a great holiday, though, and it was worth all the hard work. Now I have almost a month to gear myself up for Thanksgiving.

finished products

Since The Husband had taken Friday off, we took the chance to have a belated anniversary date (ours was on the 28th). A couple of weeks ago, we had been wandering around a local mall and I peered in the window of Bethany’s pottery-painting shop, half expecting her to be in there at that very moment. I had never been to one of these places, but had always been interested. But what surprised me was that The Husband said he wanted to go and paint something (he had his eyes on the skulls, I think). He never wants to do stuff I’m interested in! I felt so lucky! So we made plans to go back together and celebrate our anniversary. Sadly, the skulls were gone by that time, but we had fun anyway. I’m not so sure how that cup will turn out, but I’ve already got plans to go back. (Bethany, wanna join M and I sometime soon?)


And, lastly, here is the first of 30 more Tiny Moments.
Day 1

Sarah’s doing this again and asked for volunteers to join her. Since I’m in 7 Days withdrawals, I jumped on the chance to have the opportunity to look for photo opportunities each day. Anyone else wanna join?

You can click on all the photos above to see the sets. Except for the pottery pictures, which do not have a set. 😉




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6 11 2008
Pottery Finished « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. The brush strokes are a little hap-hazard so next time I will be more careful, but over all I like the cup a lot. Margie and I are going to go back on Saturday for a girls-only date. Assuming she feels well enough, that is. You can see the unfinished version here. […]

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