30 More Tiny Moments: Day 2

2 11 2008

Day 2

We attended the baby shower today of my best friend’s niece. Which makes me sound incredibly old, but my best friend is the youngest of six kids and her oldest nieces are in their 20’s now. M hung out with one of the younger nieces (who is four) and they had some fun times with the camera. It was raining today, which is a blessing, and the open door let in some lovely cool breezes to the small apartment happily overfull of people.

Caity is going to be an amazing mom, and I cannot wait to meet her sweet baby boy.




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3 11 2008

There are some weird ages in our family too. Dad’s the youngest of six and twelve years older than Mum. His oldest brother’s children are about the same age as Mum … and like to call her Aunty Sue 😉

14 11 2008
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[…] see, I spent the afternoon raiding my pantry for chili to take to my best friend’s niece who is babymooning. Melissa (who is my friend who has the niece), and I were planning to take Caity […]

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