It turns out

23 10 2008

Incidentally, am I alone in finding the expression “it turns out” to be incredibly useful? It allows you to make swift, succinct, and authoritative connections between otherwise randomly unconnected statements without the trouble of explaining what your source or authority actually is. It’s great. It’s hugely better than its predecessors “I read somewhere that…” or the craven “they say that…” because it suggests not only that whatever flimsy bit of urban mythology you are passing on is actually based on brand new, ground breaking research, but that it is research in which you yourself were intimately involved. But again, with no actual authority anywhere in sight.

-Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

I have more to say on the subject of Douglas Adams, but that will be after a few months of brain work – I want to do him justice.

What I am here to say is that I TOTALLY LOVE THIS IDEA and fully plan to utilize “it turns out” in many future blog posts.

A long, long time ago* I began, or tried to begin, a concept on here of my personal vocabulary. Some of the things I say do not translate well via the internet – or in person if you happen to not be in on the joke – so I thought it would be handy to have a “definition” of sorts I could link to which would quickly explain whatever wacky thought I was trying to convey.

This idea turned out to be better in theory than in action. Mainly because most of what I wanted to add to my personal dictionary (like the bit about swatting flying babies to the ground) is not available in clips on YouTube. And I ask, really, what good is the internet anyway if I can’t find specific random clips from Dr. Katz when I need them???

The one clip I could find, it turns out, is not one I tend to use in blog format. Ever, apparently. (That’s not true, I used it once.)

I have been tempted to resort to just describing things, but, while I may bore people to tears doing such things in person, it is only because I know they can’t just click the x in the corner to shut me up and therefore they HAVE to sit there and listen to me drone on about old TV shows they’ve never seen. But you, my friends, don’t have to take that, and thus, I have to make an effort to be more entertaining.

I am not giving up on the search for clips – someday someone is bound to post the bit about Hugo the Talking Yugo. But in the mean time, I will leave you with this: I wanna dip my balls in it!

*and I can still remember when the music used to make me smile.