21 10 2008

About a year ago, a friend invited me and some other amazing women over for an introduction to this amazing thing she discovered called SoulCollage. It’s rather like making your own Tarot cards – but so much more. It’s a deeply spiritual process using, simply, old magazines, or any other found images. Each card reflects a different aspect of Life as you see it. There are council cards (representing spiritual sources such as God, your pastor, or nature), committee cards (representing facets of yourself such as your judge, your artist, or your inner child), and community cards (representing the people in your life).

I have been silent about this through the process – and, as I am continually learning – I feel very private about my spirituality. Not about the basic philosophies, but about the actions. When I was Christian, for instance, I could not pray aloud in front of other people – I felt naked. This did not go over well with most Christians. So for this deep need for privacy, I have not shared many of my thoughts or – especially – my cards with anyone outside of my close-knit SoulCollage group.

Until now. I cannot say why, but I feel ready to share a few of them.

Just below is one of the first cards I made and I let it guide me. I have no real understanding of it yet, but my friend believes it is my “Source” card – in other words my card representing God, the Creator, the Energy that Loves the Universe. I can see that.



I have begun creating a card for each Sabbat. So far I have done only Equinoxes and Solstices. I would consider these to fall under the coucil suit.

Spring, or Ostara

Summer, or Litha

Autumn, or Mabon

I have created some for my committee suit:

I am the one who was betrayed by those intended to protect me.

I am the one trapped by fears.

I am the one who is depressed
I am the one who is depressed.

body image
I am the one who finds joy in and makes peace with my body of motherhood.

I have nothing to share from my community suit at this point – those are not so much intended for the internet. 😉

It has been a fufilling journey to create and work with these cards. When I said I was interested, I had no idea what I was getting into – I don’t know what I did think, exactly, but I certainly didn’t realize this is a life-long process. But I am so glad – so glad – I joined in. It has changed everything.

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