Soooooo close…..

15 10 2008

Monday morning, instead of loading the family up to go to Legoland, I began researching mechanics to have the van transferred to.  I found a Toyota specialist in my town on the Car Talk website; they had good reviews, sounded familiar (I know I’ve seen their logo somewhere), and gave me a good feeling, so I opted to have the van towed there.

They confirmed it was, indeed, the booster and fixed it and called me today to inform me that it was ready.  I did a goofy dance around the house and headed down there.  The kids had been dropped off at Grandma’s, which was probably for the best, as things did not end well.  Before I paid, they offered me a test drive so I did and it was like buttah.  My car STOPPED.  And stopped well!  I remember when we bought it how quick the brakes had been and they felt good again – I hadn’t realized how soft they’d gone.  So I paid and hopped in the van and drove off to get the dh from work.  And I got about a block when I realized – how odd, the car isn’t moving forward when I take my foot off the brake.  Aren’t automatic cars supposed to move a bit?  Well, I’m certain they aren’t supposed to come to a full stop complete with that little jerk you feel as your body deals with the laws of motion. And then, why won’t the car GO? And finally, what’s that smell? So I drove the car right back (I’d only gotten about a block away, but by the time I got back, it was really difficult to drive) and they are keeping it overnight.


FUCK.  Dammit.  I want my friggin car.

They said they don’t want to point fingers (the very saying of which pointed fingers) but they think it may have something to do with the master cylinder which was, if you will remember, installed by the Toyota dealership.  Whatever it is better be affordable.  Or sueable.  Whichever.

Also, I really hope this place is as trustworthy as the reviews on said they were.  *sigh*




2 responses

16 10 2008

I’m so sorry about your car! That’s a terrible story. I can just see you being all happy driving away in a fabulously fixed car and then….oh the agony.
My fingers are crossed for you.

17 10 2008

I don’t think it gets more stressful as when you’re car is down. Huge hugs for you.

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