Pumpkin Patch

15 10 2008

curly stem

Last Friday The Husband took the day off and we all went out to a local pumpkin patch which is located on a dairy farm. I won’t go into details about the trip there except to say that Google Maps gave us the wrong freeway exit and we spent more time driving up and down the wrong street than it took to get out to Lakeside to begin with. I told the Husband to sto being such a damn stereotype and ask for directions. It took a phone call to the farm to finally find the way there.

The rest of the day was pretty nice. We had tons of fun on Cottonseed Mountain sledding, surfing, and rolling down the mound of aromatic seeds. We enjoyed a haybale maze, climbed on tractors, milked a fake cow and took a hayride of sorts.

The distrubing part of the day was the cow birth we witnessed. It bothered me as a natural birth advocate, but since I know nothing of cows I refrained from judgement until I spoke about it with some friends who know more about cows than I do. No one has ever heard of such a thing happening as how they do it at this farm (it involves a rope tied to a gate and pulling the calf out by the other end of the rope) and for that reason I think we may find another pumpkin patch for future years. I will miss cottonseed mountain, though.


a boy in the hay maze


milking a fake cow

Click here for the set.




6 responses

15 10 2008

Ugh. Perhaps Heathor the *ahem* COW goddess should look into this?!!

15 10 2008

I love Elliot’s hair 🙂 Oh, and the rest of the pictures, too, but I was really drawn in by Elliot’s beautiful hair 🙂

16 10 2008

Pulling calves is pretty common on the dairy farms where I come from. It is all about survival rate. However the only ones they pulled were the ones who were already having a difficult time. I’m okay with pulling calves, but not for public display.

16 10 2008

This makes me want to go to a pumpkin patch (albeit one that does not pull cows in front of others). I can’t believe how grown up miss M is!!!

16 10 2008

Love the pic’s, I’m really drawn to the pumpkin at the top! LOVE!
I’m planning on going to Oma’s, I wonder what I will see. Yikes.

24 10 2008

wicked photo of the pumpkin stem. love it!

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