We interrupt this debate to bring you the lastest news from the Zebra’s dinnertable.

2 10 2008

I made this DELICIOUS meal tonight and served it to the kids along with chicken. My sweet little daughter, upon finishing her chicken, asked me, “Mommy? Do you like these noodles?”

“Yes!” I replied. (Actually I think my answer was, “Hells yeah!” but that seems somehow inappropriate in print.)

“Great!” she replied in a gracious manner, “You can have mine.” She finished up her pitch with an emphatic, “Because I HATE them.”

“Well, thanks, for the vote of confidence.”

“Oh!” She replied cheerily, “You’re welcome!” And she frolicked away, happy to have made my day.




2 responses

3 10 2008

Interesting. What I call a spring onion, the recipe calls a scallion. Which just sounds like scallywag to me.

3 10 2008

I never cook with scallywags. Promise.

We also call them green onions and sometimes, incorrectly, chives.

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