Sarah Palin is My New Toy

2 10 2008

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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I love her. LOVE. Granted it’s not for any reason she wants to be loved, but what the hay? Tina Fey is a freaking genius and I’ve always known so, but it’s a really nice break that Sarah Palin is doing all the writing for her. Political satire: now comes pre-scripted!

So, the entire world has dissolved into giggles at the feet of The Great Fey, but have you seen Sarah Palin’s reaction? Jon Stewart, as usual, says it best in this clip (at about 2:40 into the clip, but I assure you that you want to watch the whole thing).

Not enough Jon Stewart for ya? Of course not, we can barely sustain ourselves with 30 minutes a day, one clip simply will not satisfy. Don’t worry, here’s more.

I count down the minutes until the debates tonight. It looks to be some really classic entertainment. Did you watch? What did you think?




5 responses

2 10 2008

Thank you. It make me smile and scares the crap out of me at the same time.

3 10 2008

I was looking for way more entertainment than that. It kept me riveted, though. I kept getting annoyed that Ifill didn’t call Palin on her gross evasion of questions, but then Biden’s dashing smile made it all better for me.

Last night I did a search for “John McCain has already tapped me” because I am immature. Only 10 hits. This morning? 403 hits.

Can anyone handle another four or eight (or crap… 16) years of someone skirting their way out of sounding intelligent by using a faux country accent and promising “straight talk?”

3 10 2008

I watched but was alternately bored and sick to my stomach. I am so glad they are just the VP choices and not the actual presidential choices. I was also hoping for more gaffes.

Speaking of John Stewart, I loved the Couric clips he covered on Wednesday. Especially disturbing, I didn’t know McCain was sitting next to her during that interview (“within ventriloquist distance” LOL). She sets women back to the Stone Age. Again, sick to my stomach.

3 10 2008

I agree. My stomach did a summersault when Biden and Palin had a warm fuzzy moment where they discovered they agreed on the issue of gay marriage. PUKE. IMO, anything outside of actual marriage is discrimination and it’s the one big issue with Obama that I have.

As for Palin, she was sadly not too entertaining. I expected as much, but LOVED Jon Stewart’s comparison to Bronson Pinchot. LOL!

4 10 2008

Yes! The circus act reference was right on the mark.

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