On hypocrisy. But mostly other things.

8 09 2008

First of all, I love Jon Stewart. I always have. But this clip makes me love him with, perhaps, every fiber of my being. It states so clearly the hypocrisy rampant in the government (and media) in this country.

But? And, probably most importantly! It also gives a pretty freaking awesome shout-out to my hometown. I mean, I knew we were big. And growing faster than fast. But I had no idea anyone knew who we were, let alone Karl Rove. So a big WOO-HOO for CV! We are bigger than Richmond, VA. I think what Karl Rove is saying, basically, is that the mayor of my town (who, incidentally, used to be my elementary school principal*) could pretty much run the US.

And, second most important in this clip? I ♥ Jon Stewart.

*SEE? We are too a small town!




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6 10 2008
Life in a Small Town « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] in a Small Town 6 10 2008 With a population of over 200,000 and people like Karl Rove declaring my town to be bigger than Richmond, VA you may think it’s not small. And, technically? You would be right. But it feels small. Far […]

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