She’s at it again!

6 09 2008

Me, that is.

There is this certain local message board I am a part of (no, not that one) where 95% of the people are political and religious conservatives. Yeah. You can already tell where this is going, can’t you? Four years ago someone informed me I was “lazy” and that she didn’t want her husband’s money (of which, she shared, he makes “well over the $300,000 mark” each year) going to help “lazy” people in this country. Yeah. Well, I got in trouble over my response to her. Can’t imagine why. Oddly, no one bothered to chastise her, even though she was far more offensive than I was.

Well, election time does not seem to be a good time for me over there and I’m getting all emotional again this morning. Probably because I was informed I was “dumb” and “basically not American anyway.” Yeah.

See, I have some friends who are politically and religiously conservative. But those friends? Have respect. And that is beautiful. I cannot, however, handle being called names and having incorrect things assumed about me. Can. Not. Handle. It.

Let’s all watch as Zebra goes down like the Hindenburg, yes? Purely for being different and not standing for being verbally abused. Crazy stuff like that.




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6 09 2008
bethany actually

Despite being what I think is pretty much your religious and political polar opposite, I like you and respect you, and I don’t think I’ve ever called you a name. Can we still be friends? 😉

If I was only friends with people who were exactly like me, how boring my life would be.

7 09 2008

Well then, are you Canadian?

Ok just kidding. I barely follow politics at all. Can you imagine what it’s like living in a govt. setting and NOT following politics? Yeah, I keep my mouth closed more often than not. I’m just jaded by the whole thing I guess. More often than not, these people can’t/don’t keep half their promises. For those who do follow strongly, I hardly see how bashing a person for their beliefs is effective and not likely to sway their opinion. And it’s childish. Try not to let it bug you.

I will say that I am at least (finally – bad I know) registered to vote. I won’t be voting for McCain and I really don’t care for Palin AT ALL.

That being said, the two things I have been told never to discuss in mixed parties are religion and politics. I resort to bad comedy one-liners instead. 🙂

9 09 2008

I have to watch myself because I often forget that not everyone thinks just like me. After all, I put a lot of research and thought into my opinions therefore, they must be the best. Right? Oh wait, best FOR ME. Right. I keep forgetting that one.

That said, it’s deplorable to insult those people who have different ideas than you. They may be wrong but that’s not up to you to determine. All you need to know is what’s right for you.

Now, remind me that next time my liberal commie ways start rearing their ugly head at unsuspecting left wing nut jobs. Damn. Couldn’t even keep it under wraps for half a second. 😉

7 11 2008
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