Internet People, again

29 08 2008

Specifically, this time, Bethany.

I think I might be bad luck, actually. Kinda like Hurley, but way less rich. The woman who designed SOAM had to drop out before getting the site up due to hyperemesis gravidarum. She passed it (the website, not the morning sickness) onto someone who suddenly fell ill and had to have her gallbladder removed. And I won’t mention to you how my own best friend and her boyfriend have both had their gallbladders removed this year. I think you should fear for your organs if you know me or work with me in any manner. Unfortunately for Bethany, I did not give her informed consent and she decided to invite me over anyway.

I pulled up to her house this morning to find her on the phone and in the middle of about a million emergencies ranging from internet loss to plumbing horror stories. The kids glued themselves to Annalie who led us on a tour of the toys and we amused ourselves while Bethany got her stuff dealt with.

Later, while Bethany and I were chatting, E came up to me and showed me a butterfly net he found.

“Look, mommy! I find it.”
“Yes, that’s a very cool net.”
“I catch it!”
“Oh really? What are you going to catch?”

And he scampered off while I took a second to digest exactly what that meant for Bethany’s cats. I averted disaster there, but was not able to keep him from throwing an entire (kid sized) shopping cart full of toys down the stairs which inspired many tears from little Annalie.

*sigh* My sweet son has really been wearing the “Pesky Little Brother” tag well lately.

Anyway, we piled in my hopefully-not-too-smelly van for a quick trip up to the tippy top of a mountain hill to a picnic and breathtaking views of almost the entire county. I have very few pictures because A) the lens was dirty – who knew? and B) my exposures were consistently off all day. I don’t do well with heights.

new friends

on the edge of the world

three kids only slightly overexposed

It was a fun, albeit humid, morning. I hope Bethany is willing to risk her galbladder and hang out with me again sometime!




6 responses

29 08 2008

So far, I’m betting she’ll risk it. Now, if only I can get in on the game!

30 08 2008
bethany actually

Informed consent, you’re golden. Now, is there a form I need to sign…? 😉

We had a blast! Can’t wait to do it again.

30 08 2008
bethany actually

Also, that’s too bad about not getting any photos. I do that wrong-exposure thing all the time and it’s quite annoying.

Also also, we definitely need to get Elaine & crew in on the action next time.

30 08 2008

I fear for Noah’s gallbladder… but sign me up anyways!

1 09 2008
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