And the WTF story of the week goes to…

29 08 2008

John McCain! As a friend declared, his choice of Palin as running mate is a “last ditch effort and blatant sexism.” And she? Is a nut. I am positively floored by the fact that she supports drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge. How much hairspray did she inhale in her past life? But possibly the bit I find to be the most stomach-churning is the fact that they are exploiting her sweet little baby with Down’s syndrome as if that proves how very pro-life she is. Like she is SUFFERING so much just because she is a saint and chose not to kill her child. God. I know many pro-choice women who would also not choose to abort a Down’s baby, yet they could do it without being a complete douche, unlike Palin.

Anyway, I’m linking you to one of my new favorite bloggers. I think I found her address through SOAM somehow and I’ve been entranced ever since. Her thoughts on the subject are pretty much my thoughts on it.




2 responses

30 08 2008

I have a vagina, too. Can I run for VP?
(Oh, right. That pesky citizenship issue… at least I have traveled outside the US!)

31 08 2008

The hair really is frightening.

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