The End Times

26 08 2008

For the electronics in this household, that is. We went through this once a few years ago, when all my appliances smelled the tax refund and broke down. But this time, I think they’ve formed a cult and have all drunk the Kool-Aid as there is no extra money to be sniffed around these parts right now. (The Husband would like to add here, that it is, indeed, like a cult. In that we often find broken and ragged electronics on the side of the road*, or in the laundry room and bring them home** to clean them up and make them believe they have a purpose.)

In their defense (yes, that is in defense of the inanimate electronics), some of them have been dying a slow death like this here monitor. We hope its death continues to be slow and miserable so I don’t have to buy a new one just right this minute. And we have been having a general problem with cordless phones for a couple of years now. In that we cannot seem to get one to freaking work already, at least not for more than one phone call at a time. And our printer is about 6 years old now, which in technology years is about 450. So we forgive him (yes, “him”).

But there is no excuse for the fracking laptop. It’s not even a year old! Which means it is under warranty – and that has both benefits and drawbacks. Benefits being that they fix it for free. Drawbacks being that they don’t actually fix it, but they keep you on the phone for over three hours to not fix it. Fun times. See? The light is still orange. Meaning it won’t connect wirelessly to the internet. Learning Lorien’s lesson here with the fracking HP products.

stupid effing orange light

So please send all the electronic missionaries you have in the hopes that we can save the rest of their souls and teach them the evils of Kool-Aid and Nikes.

*Actually, the one by the side of the road was NIB (new in box).
**Actually, it’s just the husband who does this, I am perfectly content with buying electronics from reputable sources.




One response

29 08 2008

We got rid of our land lines, I’ll check with C to see if we still have the phones around. I think we just recycled a monitor, but I’ll check on that too.
Let me know if you are interested.

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