Novocaine for the Soul

6 08 2008

I mean, for my head.

Recently I got it into my head that an awesome thing to do would be to go to the dentist! Go ahead, laugh at my naiveté. I figured that so long as they aren’t pulling out any wisdom teeth (of which, I have none left so I am safe) it wouldn’t be a big deal. I knew a deep cleaning would likely be involved (six years of no dental insurance will do that to a mouth) but I was completely unaware that a deep cleaning would involve Novocaine. I thought it would be medieval torture, sure. But I also thought I would suffer and then go eat food. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong. It was a pretty easy procedure, but I was unable to even talk without biting my tongue when it was finished, let alone chew or swallow without ingesting parts of me that I am rather fond of. Like my lips or cheeks.

So I spent the afternoon in a major funk of feeling crappy physically (b/c I am not so much fond of the lack of feeling), feeling hungry which makes me grumpy, and feeling violated which I think has more to do with the x-rays (b/c, seriously I gag when I watch my daughter get dental x-rays, let alone when someone shoves them into my own mouth) than with the care of the staff (they were very kind and friendly).

So I decided the best thing would be to go back on Saturday and do it all again! No. I mean, I have to go back and get the second half of my mouth done. But I promise to be more well-prepared this time.

As if that wasn’t enough numbness, I also happened to have an appointment at the dermatologist to get some harmless-but-annoying moles removed. That? Is creepy. Especially when they talk about shaving it off. And after hearing how much it will cost, honestly I wonder if it wouldn’t be just as easy to do it myself. Assuming I could refrain from fainting, that is. Which, I guess is unlikely.

It’s odd, though, to be mole-less. One on my breast which my son calls my “circle” is gone now. Last night I told him I had a boo boo and he looked and asked me, “Oh. On your circle?” And the one in my hairline is gone now, which will make for easier haircuts from now on, but feels almost like a part of my identity is shaved away. My husband called it my reset button. Guess he’s stuck with me as I am now.

I’m looking forward to more dental fun in October when I get to get some cavities filled. Until then (and aside from this Saturday) here’s looking forward to a couple of months full of feeling in my head.




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