…but she picked me up with her mind powers and shook me like a dog!

29 07 2008

Last night I lay, full of needles, on a warm table and suddenly, as my acupuncturist was leaving me to rest alone in the dark, I thought to ask her a question that burns in my mind at least once each visit.

“Oh, hey! What do I do if there’s an earthquake?”
“I run in and save you.”

Which is possibly the best answer ever. But she also went into more detail and as she was leaving I remarked, “I just wanted to know. I always wonder and forget to ask. And then I try to stop thinking about it in case my mind powers make one happen right then.”

“And your mind is that powerful.”
“I know.”

So guess what? Yup. There was an earthquake today. OK, so what if I didn’t feel it? The point is that my mind is that powerful.

I have more serious and important things to speak of, but if you want to hear them you have to hire me a babysitter, clean my house, and check off several things off my To Do List. In the mean time I will leave you with this photo of The Husband and one half of Darlton.





3 responses

29 07 2008

I don’t like your mind powers. I FELT the earthquake. I freaked out a tiny bit. Noah? Slept right through it. He’s been looking at me all afternoon as if he wanted to say “Can we get some more of that superior rocking we had during morning nap?”

29 07 2008

I was wondering about you, Sonja! Glad to hear Noah enjoyed it at least. LOL

4 08 2008

Well. I live close enough to the epic epicenter, but I had had the brilliant idea to visit my old work, so I was even closer – barely 4 miles away – when it happened. Gah!

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