Alligators All Around, Indeed

16 07 2008

stage is set

When I was a kid, one of my earliest obsessions was with Maurice Sendak’s musical, Really Rosie. With music by Carole King, what’s not to love? Plus, I had a crush on Chicken Soup. Not the food. The character.

I mean, look at him…. Short pants, chef hat, strange obsession with canned food? It’s not hard to see why he was my first-ever crush. Well, aside from Skipper Brown in the first grade. I used to write him notes that said, “I love you,” and crawl across the room to put them on his desk. But, alas, it was not meant to be and so I had to find solace in the form of my first (but not last!) cartoon crush.

So last week when I got an e-mail on a local list about free tickets to a Junior Theatre production of the musical, I jumped all over that. Unfortunately, I was too late. The tickets were already spoken for. I decided to go anyway, so I bought tickets pretty much that very instant.

M and I arrived at Balboa Park too early Friday night so we spent some time enjoying the park (well, really, are you ever “too early” in Balboa Park?). We looked at the old climbing tree, tried not to fall in a fountain (and succeeded, I might add), spotted fairies in the butterfly garden, and then decided to head on over to the theatre.

We sat in our seats and chatted while we waited. I began to notice a little girl peering down into the orchestra pit and thought she looked a bit like Elaine’s little girl, Lily. The more I looked, the more curious I became. I decided to scan the audience for Elaine herself. And sure enough. There she was. And can you guess who she was sitting next to? Yes! It was Ewan McGregor! Just kidding! It was the woman who had offered the free tickets. It dawned on me…. it was Elaine who stole my tickets. *ahem* I mean, got to them first. Yeah.

So I went over there and kicked her ass said hello.

The show was great. As Elaine put it, it seemed like they were playing a game of “How Many Kids Can We Fit Onstage?” But overall, it was very enjoyable. Traditionally, I have not been fond of Johnny because, as a rule, I do not like cowboys. But this kid was so damn cute I wanted to put him on a shelf somewhere to keep forever.

At intermission Elaine and company found us and the girls ran screaming into the dark while we critiqued the show. We also decided that an awesome idea would be to take the girls out after their bedtimes and feed them lots of sugar. Probably, we were on drugs. The drugs weren’t wrong, though. We had a good time (except for the time when I spat all over Elaine’s face. Note to, um, everyone: don’t sit across from me if there may be any funny thing happening, like, ever.), the kids got silly, but not unusually so – I mean they are kids.

elaine enjoys her malt

It was a lovely evening. M has been listening to and memorizing all the words to the soundtrack ever since. But as far as I know, she does not have a crush on any of the characters. Which is probably for the best.




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