A new home.

13 07 2008

For my blog.

I love Blogger. For many reasons. And for some reasons I love it better than WordPress so far. But here’s the thing. WordPress lets me password-protect certain entries and that? Is much-needed. I have not been able to be myself on my blog in over a year for fear of what might be read by the public. This gives me a place where close friends can still read, but it’s not just floating around out there. Also? I can make entries private. So those days when I just have to let loose my vents and there’s nothing worth reading in the entry but it needs out of my head? Yeah. I can do that here as well.

I am giddy with excitement!

I am mostly “moved in” here but will take a few days to totally redecorate. In the mean time enjoy the moon.

moon behind the tree




4 responses

13 07 2008

Looks good.

13 07 2008

This photo is astonishingly beautiful, even for your amazing skills. And it looks like the pink is gone!!! Oh, happy day! And I don’t have to put in a crazy password each time? WOOHOO!

13 07 2008

Looks good so far. And you know, that sounds really tempting to me too as I’ve been censoring myself too at times lately. I’d love a place to keep an (OMG I’m so po’d at my lovely DH) entry private too since he does read my blog. 😉 Hmmmmm. . .

13 07 2008

Welcome to wordpress, hope you like it.

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