This speaks so much truth.

7 07 2008

When I was in high school I saw Jurassic Park. And I was never the same again. It became my favorite movie and I spent far too much time thinking about it, studying it, and generally thinking I saw dinosaurs everywhere I turned. Especially under my bed. I even used a clip of the movie in an AP English report I did on Frankenstein. Because I have mad research skillz, yo.

I felt passionately that the movie spoke truth about Man’s obsession with control and about the fact that you can’t mess around with life. Because Life Will Find a Way.

In addition to the FAIL Blog there’s another new (to me) website out there where people make songs and more into highly amusing graphs. This one pretty much sums up the message of Jurassic Park as well as stating one of the many reasons why Pirates is the Best Ride Ever.

This one is, apparently no longer on the website (I am such an outlaw!) but you can find more graphs here at GraphJam.

And for your further entertainment, may I present the Sweded version of Jurassic Park!




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7 07 2008

Dude – I love your hip lingo, yo!

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