Independance Day

4 07 2008

(Not the kind starring Jeff Goldblum. Although if he were to show up, I sure would not send him away. But if Bill Pullman showed up, I would just say, “LONESTARRRRR!” and giggle and he would probably leave of his own accord.)

I have not been feeling particularly patriotic the last several years. I am far from “proud” to be an American – I am rather embarrassed, actually. For any right-wingers who stumble across this I want to clarify that I am grateful to have been born here as opposed to somewhere… worse. But I think I will never be truly proud of my citizenship until my country begins taking care of its citizens with free healthcare and more.

But that’s not the point. The point is that I am feeling very optimistic for the future of our country with Obama on the campaign trail. He is the first acceptable candidate we’ve had since Clinton The Male. (Um. I have no problem with Hillary, but she was never the official candidate, you know? Also I think Obama has more of the charisma we so desperately need to get us back in the White House.)

But that’s not really the point, either. The point is that I love fireworks, dammit. And so we celebrated the Fourth of July in true American style complete with hamburgers on the barbie. Clicky on the photo to see our day.

under a blood red sky




2 responses

5 07 2008

As always, your photography skills amaze me! Looks like an awesome day. I love E’s hair! (heart)

I could have written your comments on being “proud.” Except not so well! LOL

5 07 2008

awesome photos! And I couldn’t agree more!

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