The Hotel Del Coronado

1 07 2008

I have loved the Hotel Del as long as I can remember. (And I should add here that my earliest memory of it was looking at a giant poster of Marilyn Monroe and thinking she was Madonna.) I love the history, the ghost stories, the architecture, the fact that when you go all the way up to the top floor you feel as though you’ve become a giant since the ceiling is much shorter there (or maybe you really do become a giant, it is hard to know for sure). When I was in high school we had a tradition of having bonfires at Coronado Beach where we would eat pizza and chips and listen to the Counting Crows and always – always – a walk down to the Del where we would spook ourselves with ghost stories and run giggling and screaming through the hallways. (And never once were we kicked out. Remind me to tell you about the time I got kicked out of Sears. Oh and the mall when I was 39 weeks pregnant. But never the Del. Never.)

So this month when my photography group decided to meet there to take photos I was giddy. I mean. I may have suggested the place. But I was giddy that they liked the idea. We all decided to choose a different focus for our photos (am I supposed to say foci there? I feel so insecure now) – Graham took photos of lighting, Summer did lines (that sounds soooo wrong), Norma looked at textures, and I took chairs. Here are some of those photos and more.

two chairs

three chairs

bright window



try not to fall in

my happy place

myspace angle




3 responses

2 07 2008

I remember seeing the Hotel Del from afar both times I was in San Diego, and I actually thought of you when I saw it because you’ve always said how much you love the place. Anyhow, I really love your pictures. It must have been so much fun to photograph there! Please do share the getting kicked out of the mall at 39 weeks story. I don’t think I know that one.

14 07 2008

Oh my stars. Those are beautiful chairs. They have such depth and character. Stunning, truly stunning. And, how cool is it that they let you guys run around as teens rather then kicking you out!

16 07 2008

Yeah, well, Shellee, they would not risk pissing off a guest who pays $400/night now, would they? They had no idea if we belonged there or not, and it’s too risky to guess otherwise unless we are truly being out of control.

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