Logic. Our gov’t has it.

28 06 2008

And by that I mean they don’t have it.

There is a new law going into effect on Tuesday here in Cali. A law which I fully support. Or did until I realized how STUPID it is. See, starting Tuesday we will no longer be allowed to talk on the cell phone unless we are using a hands-free piece. Good idea, right? I am fully aware that simply having a conversation impairs driving ability, and so I see where this law doesn’t completely solve the problem. But you cannot stop a person from speaking, or thinking, or listening to music. But you can at least take objects out of their hands so that they can, you know, steer the car ‘n stuff.

However. The law is sorely incomplete. Here is a list of the things you are still allowed to do while driving:
1. Dialing phone numbers.
2. Putting the hands-free ear piece on.
3. Plugging the hands-free piece into the phone.

and? The most inane one yet?


Because it’s totally safer to text people than to talk to them while holding the damn phone. Riiiiight.

And here I offer our lawmakers a big, huge, WTF??? I fully expect an answer, thankyouverymuch.




One response

28 06 2008

Ssshh…they are working on a law to forbid texting by adults, too (currently, teens can’t text or talk on the phone at all) with the thought of putting it into effect in 2010. I hope it doesn’t go through. The car is where I get a lot of work done! I catch up on the news and blogs!

Shit. THIS Tuesday? Crap. I don’t have an earpiece.

Probably a lot of the lawmakers text a lot, so they didn’t want to, you know, push it too far.

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