My shame is your enjoyment.

23 06 2008

I am going to tell you something very shameful about myself.

When I was a kid I missed seeing a lot of movies for some reason. It wasn’t until high school or college that I caught myself up on movies like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Indiana Jones. (Oddly some movies I did see as a child were Grease and Dirty Dancing which as an adult I wonder if maybe they weren’t the best choice for an eight-year-old?) There are still some movies I have not seen like Footloose or the last two Back to the Futures.

But that is not the shameful part.

I also did not see Star Wars. My mom tried to show it to me once when I was very small and I was Bored as Hell and ran off to play with whatever toy was popular in the year 1982.

But that is also not the shameful part.

The shameful part comes when I first watched Star Wars circa 1997.*

I knew the hero was Luke Skywalker. I figured he must be the strong, handsome, manly guy that all the girls liked. I was in for a Big Disappointment. Turns out he was the scrawny whiny brat of the story. Somehow I had made it through the 80’s and most of the 90’s without ever being truly aware of Han Solo. Nor was I aware that he was played by Harrison Ford. I think my exact quote was, “Oh look! It’s The Fugitive!” I also may have referenced Regarding Henry.**

Go ahead and do or say what you will to me. I may be horribly sheltered, but I am cute and you can’t deny that.

*Which, I mean, really. I watched the movies literally MONTHS before they were re-released on the big screen. I think I watched them and heard the very next week they were going to theatres. I would have just waited had I had any clue.
**Hey now. It’s a good movie.